1. What is the size of a single solar panel?

Panels come in various sizes depending on size and manufacturer.

Our stock is 0.9m x 1.3m approximately with ratings of 200 w, 210w , 215w and 225w.  We sell complete rated systems. Therefore, individual panel size is not material in a large installation. The rated capacity is computed and the number of solar panels needed will have to be calculated to match the configuration.


2. Where is the best place to install the solar panel?  

Based on the type of solar panels, there are two venues to install the solar panels: (1) Roof-mounted which are mainly on roof tops and (2) Ground-mounted for large solar farms. Panels have to face south to have optimum efficiency.


3. Where do solar panels work best?

Solar power works best in tropical countries due to the amount of solar radiation present. It is also recommended that the solar panels will be installed facing south.


4. What is the required angle of the place where I will install the solar panels?  

We recommend 10 to 15 degrees for the Philippine market.


5. How long do solar panels last?

Solar panels normally last up to 20 years. Take note that the power conversion efficiency declines over the life of the panels.


6. How long does it take to install the solar panels?

Installation time varies based on the actual size of the system that will be installed. A simple 2000 watt system will take about 2-3 days to install assuming all materials and the building/residence will readily accept the system without any major modification. Other sizes will be calculated based on the complications related to the installation.


7. Do you have a service warranty?

Installation warranty is one year from the date of workmanship. All other warranties is passed on warranty from the manufacturer of components.


8. Where can I call in case we have concerns about our installed solar panels?

They can call 879-4387 for technical support service when needed.


9. What is the required maintenance for the solar panels?  

Normal periodic cleaning with water is necessary. This service can be requested to Solarlina.


10. What is the average ROI (Return on Investment) for solar panels?   

The average ROI for the entire solar panel system is between 8 to 10 years.