Solarlina Energy System, Inc. is under the Lina Group of Companies. Organized in 2009, Solarlina is committed to provide renewable energy solutions to suit customer application needs using technologies that will help the environment. With the continually increasing interest is renewable energy solutions globally, and in the Philippine, the company plans to position Itself in the industry with the objective of being the partner of choice of top companies in the country.

Interest in renewable energy solutions and application has been slow in the past. But the trends indicate an aggressive increase in consumption and applications with forecast for the coming years showing very positive figures. This makes for a very attractive market for Solarlina.

With the established clients and satisfied customers of LGC, Solarlina will establish linkage of existing clients locally.

LGC is a globally recognized group of companies offers wide and varied range of services and logistics, outsourcing, communications, connectivity, waste management, to films and creative, designs, food, sports, entertainment.